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By quoting Tesler’s theorem we are committing ourselves to enable technologies to serve humans for a better future. Today, we need a sustainable future. Then, we will need a better future, again.


Development of VizTool and Super AI

We have commenced the project “Development of an innovative software solution for automated reporting – VizTool and services for the implementation of artificial intelligence in supercomputing – Super AI” . The project is funded by the European Union – NextGeneration EU

Project name: Development of an innovative software solution for automated reporting – VizTool and services for the implementation of artificial intelligence in supercomputing – Super AI

Project number: NPOO.C1.1.2.R2-I3.02.0380

Description: VizTool is designed for automated retrieval of data collected and stored in digital repositories, enabling users to quickly, easily, and comprehensibly group data into visual elements and reports in a short period of time. Super AI implements neural network models for processing and analyzing larger data sets instead of traditional algorithms for statistical data processing. The project implementation includes technology demonstration activities and the establishment of production for the initial market introduction. Training of employees for specific skills of the start-up company will also be conducted.

Expected results: The project is aimed at creating the conditions for the growth and expansion of AI Technologies d.o.o.’s business based on the sale of their own products and services based on artificial intelligence.

Total value: 171.516,08 €

Funded by EU: 124.812,52 €

Duration: From June 1, 2023, to December 1, 2023

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